As always another home run Dr. Judy your writings your tireless fight to right the wrongs gives me hope! Wish I could have been at that CHD event it was a pricey ticket so I appreciate the review of the event. Glad it was a huge success. I had an interesting conversation tonight with a women who was vaccinated ( two doses) the usual

Story she did not want to do it but her husband insisted she take the vaccine. At dinner she described her sudden onset in May of Celiac Disease and it now on a strict gluten free diet. Celiac as you know is an autoimmune disease. This women never considered the vax possibly contributing to her new autoimmune disease snot did her fancy GI guy at Cedar Sinai suggest a correlation. This women is a functional nutritionist to add to the story. Have you heard of a ride in Celiac since the rollout of the wuackzination ? What are your thoughts? Inquiring minds want to know :)

Thanks as always for being one of God’s warriors in this fight for good Vs evil!

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"People will be able to show their passes until 4:00 p.m."

Samaritans Purse has jurisdiction over people's property? Excuse me?


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