Pro Lean Greens by Nutritional Frontiers is another highly important solution that I recommend to all people whether they have been injected with toxic…
Let’s take a close look at the relationship between scientific discoveries, the institutions that fund them and the scientific and lay media as the…
We’ve said it before - God doesn’t make junk.

February 2023

Last week, Steve Kirsch tried to red pill ChatGPT. While he didn’t have much success, my team and I decided it might be time to start educating ChatGPT…
There is no such thing as junk food...there is junk and there is food. For this first presentation during this two-day workshop on biblical healing and…
We can all remember the scenes from the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch sent her ‘flying monkeys’ in pursuit of Dorothy and her friends as they…
I know I have just aged myself with that title. Back my mom’s day, that was a faux pas that let the world see what is going on beneath a well-dressed…
And a glimpse into my own censorship sandwich

January 2023

And what we have in common

December 2022

and that God gives us the power to reach young people who may be in similar shoes, or skates, and just don’t know it yet.
Sadly, Died Suddenly was planned a long time ago
The ultimate treatment for the Mother of All Colds