I've got to remember so many people still don't know Remdesivir is a killer. ( Or that AZT was) I'll try to bring it up in conversations again. Thanks Dr Judy. 💖✨

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And the common denominator with both.. drumroll please.. Dr. Anthony Fauci. Ivermectin & HCQ use had to be squashed if Remdesivir had a chance for EUA. NIAID & CDC spent 79million developing Remdesivir for Gilead. The FDA has never found it to be safe & effective for any purpose. Fauci tried this drug against Ebola patients in Africa, *but 54% of study patients taking it died. He was very aware of its deadly outcomes.

*( The Real Anthony Fauci” by R.F. KennedyJr.)

Early treatment is the answer & hospital protocols need to stop. There’s no consideration for comorbidity’s or unique patient cases. Unprecedented restrictions against repurposed drugs, even antibiotics for inflammation.

The result is genocide on a global measure. It wasn’t a leak or mistake, it was intentional.

Our DOD contracted Pfizer to distribute poisonous injections, knowing they were harmful. The FDA knew from trials they were deadly as well. FOIA shows this- conclusively.

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We had scientist/inventor/journalist Thomas Baine on our Freedom Hub show a few months back discussing Remdesivir. Blew me away. This is a MUST WATCH. For one, he clearly shows that the chemical formula for Remdesivir contains cyanide. (Gee, and we wonder why people are dying!?) These people should be in jail! https://rumble.com/v2exe4c-how-did-hospitals-become-covid-killing-zones-what-was-the-governments-conne.html

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